Erasmus+ Projekt - die zweite Etappe

Nach der Projektreise nach Finnland im Dezember ging es für einige Schüler des Oberschulzentrum Sterzing Mitte März im Rahmen des Erasmus+ COLAM Projektes nach Polen – in die Stadt Chojnice, um genau zu sein. Das Ziel dieses Projektes ist, dass sich Jugendliche aus ganz Europa kennenlernen und internationale Freundschaften knüpfen. Ebenso sollen die Schüler Erkenntnisse über die Minderheiten, die in den fünf beteiligten  Ländern leben,  sammeln.

Im Laufe der Woche erarbeiteten die Schüler gemeinsam virtuelle Flüge durch die einzelnen Regionen  und erstellten kurze Sketches, die wichtige Ereignisse aus der Geschichte der Länder behandelten – aus der Südtiroler Geschichte wurde gezeigt, wie Andreas Hofer das Bauernheer mit seinem berühmten Ausspruch „Mander, es isch Zeit!“ ermutigte gegen die Franzosen zu kämpfen.

Die Polen legten besonders viel Wert darauf, ihren Gästen die kaschubische Kultur und Geschichte näher zu bringen. Besucht wurden dazu zwei Freilichtmuseen, in denen Brot gebacken  wurde und das bekannte „Upside Down Haus“  steht – ebenso war  das längste Holzbrett der Welt Teil der Attraktionen.

Zur Abendunterhaltung wurden von Seiten der Gastgeschwister verschiedene Aktivitäten, wie zum Beispiel ein Lagerfeuer und ein Go-Kart Rennen, organisiert.

Und wie geht das Projekt weiter?

Im Herbst werden kleine Gruppen von Schülern aus  Polen, Finnland , Schottland, der Schweiz  und Wales in Sterzing bei Gastfamilien zu Besuch sein, um Einsicht in unsere Kultur und  das Leben als Minderheit zu erlangen.


Poland Itinerary

                                                                                                                                                                                                          Sunday, March 5th, 3am

While some creatures of the night confounded our bus with their taxi back home from the “Derby”, we were waiting for Eva to arrive in the middle of the night. As usual she was even late for our trip to Poland.

3hrs bus drive, 3hrs waiting at the airport and a one-hour flight later we arrived in Gdansk. What we did next was, well, obviously, wait some more.

When the Swiss project partners arrived, no more than a “Gruezi” was offered, but that would change very soon. ….

We arrived at Chojnice in the evening, our guest brothers and sisters were waiting for us. Julia and Ola, Arina and Goshia, Eva and Kinga, and me, Simon, and Mateusz went “home”.


In an old monastery (no, it’s not at all like our own school) we finally met all the students who had come to Poland to attend another Erasmus+ Colam meeting. We played some ice-breakers and then, for the first time, we got something real Polish to eat. In the afternoon we got to know the city doing a scavenger hunt.

I must proudly mention that my group won :D

In the evening our hosts organized a bonfire somewhere out in the woods. It was scary and felt like in some horror movie, so we all cuddled together around the fire. Fortunately, someone brought a guitar as the Polish had planned to sing their Rapapara-song. Unfortunately, someone brought a guitar as the Italians had planned to sing “Atemlos”.


The third day of our trip was our first workshop-day. Every national group had prepared a virtual tour of their hometowns and regional background. No one really understood the tasks very well and so every group came up with something different, yet interesting.

In the afternoon, all the students took a nap (as a preparation for the coming nightshift?) during the lecture of a Kashubian professor about Kashubian culture.

In the evening our hosts surprised us with go-kart riding: Dear citizens of Sterzing: thank your destiny that Arina hasn’t got her driver’s license yet.

Later in the evening we went to a  pub with all the students and had  “Polish pizza”:  pizza with ketchup and mayonnaise! Yummy!


“It was very cold on that day!”, that’s Julia’s answer to my question what she remembers best of that day. Well, it was cold, even the Finns said that. With temperatures around zero degrees, we went on a daytrip to visit some museums about Kashubian culture… “and bread we made, and bread we ate!”

In the evening we went to the same pub again after staying at an Italian restaurant (our hosts assumed we could not live without Italian food for a while, which they, however, ruined with ketchup and mayonnaise on everything…. again! Yummy!)

Some profound dialogues with the Swiss ensued… in short: They are going to visit us in May.



The long-awaited drama workshop took place: improvisation and imagination were needed as we had to re-enact some of the most important events in the history of the participating nations. “Guys, it’s time!” – where does that phrase come from? ;)In the afternoon the Italian group split in two: sporty ones and lazy ones: while Julia and Arina took part in a basketball match with other groups, Eva and I met with other lazy ones from the other nations….

In the evening we went to the pub again. God, they must have made a lot of money from us!



The final day.

After presenting our virtual flights, the Finns and the Swiss had to leave already early; tearful goodbyes, hugs and promises to visit each other and perhaps some secret kissing?

At 2 pm our bus left for the airport and after a week of new impressions and experience, exotic  food, Polish beer and extraordinarily hospitable people, we are on our way home, somewhere above the clouds, as I am writing this itinerary.


PS: Luckily, no one knows us at MUC airport, after a long night without much sleep, a flight and too much waiting again, our behavior is very childish…. Poor Miss Brunner, having to handle us little kids!


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