Bees - Api - Abeilles

In the month of April (2021), we, the class 2a, put together a project about honeybees, their importance, why they are dying, and how we can prevent it. We worked on this topic as a part of the sustainability project of our school, wishing to inform people about the bees’ importance.

Our class worked in small groups to create a big poster in the shape of a beehive to show the different aspects of the world of bees. The topics we worked on were:

-         life inside the beehive and the different kinds of bees (drone, worker bee, queen)

-         bee products and their history

-         the reasons why bees are important for us and how pollination works

-         the reasons why bees are dying and what can we do against it

-         idioms about bees in different languages and the tradition of “telling the bees”


For this multilingual project we were given several lessons by our English, Italian and French teachers and we managed to finish all the work within a week. The project was different from the usual lessons and therefore we enjoyed it a lot. We also learnt much when Mr Aukenthaler, a beekeeper himself, visited our class and shared his expert knowledge with us. In conclusion, we can say that the project was a nice experience and we had the opportunity to work creatively in different languages and could learn more about bees and the concept of sustainability.


Carolin Mühlsteiger, Theresa Frick, Emily Maria Volgger, Vivian Tirelli, Selina Ferri, Sonja Hofer